Useful Links

A collection of links to some grants and fellowships aimed at supporting women in mathematics, and to other associations for women in mathematics.

Grants and Fellowships

  • AWM Travel Grants
    The Association for Women in Mathematics has administered the NSF-AWM Travel Grant Program for Women since 1988, supporting both travel to domestic or foreign research conferences and, more recently, longer-term visits with a mentor.

  • EWM Travel and Caring Grants
    The EWM Travel and Caring Grants are meant to (co-)fund travel and/or accommodation for participating and giving a talk at a significant conference in their field.

  • Simons Emmy Noether Fellowship Program
    The Simons Emmy Noether Fellowship Program awarded annually and supported by the Simons Foundation, honours her legacy by supporting and encouraging early- and mid-career women and all under-represented groups in physics. These fellowships enable visiting scientists to spend up to a year in Perimeter’s thriving, multi-disciplinary community.

Other associations for women in mathematics and physics